Graphic Design language – useful design terms

Graphic Design language – useful design terms

useful design terms

Graphic Design language - useful design terms

Graphic Design language – useful design terms. 28 design terms you should know. Print, keep and learn these useful design terms.

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1. Alignment

The positioning and arranging of lines of text, images or shapes. Alignment can be left, right, centered or justified.

2. Bleed

The part of the page that will get trimmed off during the printing process. A document may have images or elements that touch the edge of the page, extending beyond the edge, leaving no white margin. A document with bleed must be printed on a larger sheet of paper and then trimmed down.


Also known as four-color process, this abbreviation stands for cyan, magenta, yellow and key, which refers to black. This is a color model that refers to the four inks used in some color printing.

4. Concept

The end result of the creative process or a time brainstorming and experimenting with ideas. Clients and companies will often ask designers for a few concepts when creating a new logo or new design scheme.

5. Crop marks

The marks on the outside of the printed piece, used as guides for cutting the piece down to the final size.

6. Camera ready

A term for a document that is ready for reproduction or ready to “go to press.”

7. Die cut

A metal ruler that cuts shapes or holes in various types of materials. If you’re looking to print a document in an unconventional shape, you’ll likely need to use a die cut at the printer.

8. Export

To save a file in a format that is usable by most other computers and/or programs. Not everyone has design software so once a document is complete, you’ll have to export it to a PDF or other universal format.

9. Grid

A two-dimensional tool in design programs that features a set of horizontal and vertical lines to assist in structuring content.

10. Gutter

The space created by the binding of a book or magazine. A gutter is the inside margins or blank space between two facing pages.

11. Layers

A tool within design software that allows you to gather, organize and re-edit your work by providing access to the different tiers of information, photos and shapes within a document.

12. Margins

The space surrounding the content on your page. Margins are generally on the edges of the page and in between columns of copy and images.

13. Negative space

This is the space around the words and shapes in your designed piece. This space can be creatively integrated into the design of the overall work.

14. Orphan

Also known as a widow, this term refers to the words or short lines at the beginning or end of a paragraph. These words are isolated from the rest of the content, often causing an unwanted focal point.

15. Pantone system

A printing industry color matching system which utilizes the Pantone company’s number system for identifying colors.

16. Pica

A typesetting unit of measurement equaling one-sixteenth of an inch. InDesign and other design software use picas as a way to measure size and space.

17. Pixel

The smallest element of an image. Images are comprised of many minuscule pixels, providing a clear, high-quality image to the viewer.

18. Proof

A copy of what your materials will look like. This is also known as a mockup and may be printed for review or emailed to your client for review prior to printing.

19. Raster image

An image made up of individual pixels. Altering the dimensions of a raster image may result in a blurry image since you’re simply shrinking or stretching the pixels themselves. Raster image file extensions include .JPEG, .GIF and .BMP.

20. Resolution

A measure of dots per inch (DPI) for printed works and pixels per inch (PPI) for digital work. It’s best practice to use at least 300 DPI for printed work and at least 72 PPI for digital pieces.

21. RGB

This abbreviation stands for red, green, blue. It’s a color mode for all images shown through an electronic display, such as a computer or television.

22. Sans serif

A style of typeface in which there are no small lines at the end of each character. Common sans serif typefaces include Arial, Helvetica, AvantGarde and Verdana.

23. Slug

Optional space a designer can display within a document that is not part of the final product. This space may include helpful notes, copyright or suggestions during the proofing process.

24. Typography

The art of using typefaces to communicate. This skill encompasses both the typefaces and the negative space surrounding them.

25. Vector graphic

An image made up of paths and curves (vectors) rather than a grid of pixels. Unlike raster images, these are able to be enlarged without losing image quality. Vector graphic file extensions include .EPS, .AI, .SVG and .DRW.

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Pretty Pixels – Design tips

Pretty Pixels – Design tips

Pretty Pixels – Design Tips. Useful info to learn for those of you who want to upload images to the internet. Very useful.

pretty pixels - Design tips

WordPress Plugins to speed up your site


Autoptimize boosts your website’s loading speed by applying various performance tricks. It joins all scripts and styles then minifies and compresses them to decrease the data transfer from your blog or site to a client’s browser. It moves styles to the page head and scripts to the footer, making your page lightweight and faster to load.

Compress JPEG & PNG Images

Compress JPEG & PNG Images makes your website faster by compressing JPEG and PNG images. It uses the popular lossless image compression services – TinyJPG and TinyPNG – to automatically optimize images. This results in compressed images that are smaller by 40-60% for JPEG format and 50-80% for PNG format, and yet still maintain good picture quality.

Kraken Image Optimizer

Kraken Image Optimizer optimizes your new and existing images using its API. The plugin reduces their file sizes comparatively while still maintaining decent image quality. Unlike ‘Compress JPEG & PNG Images’, the API supports JPEG, PNG, and GIF formats, lossless as well as lossy (but intelligent) image compression schemes.

BJ Lazy Load

BJ Lazy Load makes your website faster by replacing all your post images, post thumbnails, Gravatar images, and content iframes with a placeholder. It only loads the actual images when the visitor scrolls to that particular area of the page. The result is a faster website with less bandwidth usage and better user experience for the visitors.


WP-Sweep improves your website’s performance by cleaning and optimizing your site’s database. A website, after running for a while, will clog up with lots of unwanted data such as trashed posts, pages, and comments, revisions and auto-drafts, orphaned meta things, etc.

Above the Fold Optimization

Above the Fold Optimization works on the “Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content” rule of Google PageSpeed Insights. This plugin tries to eliminate the need for external CSS by inserting the Critical Path CSS code inline into your site’s HTML.


WP Optimize By xTraffic

WP Optimize By xTraffic optimizes your WordPress blog or site by improving various aspects. One of its feature is to optimize links ie it automatically links keywords in your posts and comments with the best focused links. It can set “nofollow” attributes and make external links to open in a new window on your site.

Google Webfont Optimizer

Google Webfont Optimizer boosts your website if it uses web fonts from Google Fonts’ APIs. Modern websites use Google Fonts for a beautiful and fancy look, but this slows the load times because the browser needs to make lot of requests to Google Fonts for each page.

Simple Revisions Delete

Simple Revisions Delete removes the unnecessary data created by the WordPress’s revisions feature. It removes and deletes old post revisions as well as optimizes your site’s database to reduce its size and improve site performance. It allows you to delete specific post revisions, keeping only the revisions you want.

Scripts to Footer

Scripts to Footer is a small plugin that moves your site’s (JavaScript) scripts to the footer. This causes the visitor’s browser to quickly render your blog’s pages because the scripts can be downloaded later due to their placement in the page’s footer.

WordPress Instant Articles

WordPress Instant Articles may substantially improve your website loading speed and user experience by pre-loading the content. It pre-renders the last two posts on the front page, next and previous posts on a single post, and even sticky posts. It does DNS prefetching, which resolves domain names before a user actually clicks on a link; this eliminates any delay after.

Disqus Conditional Load (DCL)

Disqus Conditional Load brings advanced features to the Disqus Commenting System. Your website’s performance can degrade as more people write comments on your site with Disqus working on your blog or site. The plugin provides power options to tweak Disqus in areas such as lazy loading, comment widgets, script disabling, etc.

Graphic Designer London – Pretty Pixels Ltd

Graphic Designer London, Pretty Pixels – Welcome 2016

London based:
Freelance Graphic designer, Logo designer, Website designer.

Graphic designer London, portfolio. Remember to bookmark the page to see all of the latest projects. You can also subscribe to the Pretty Pixels Pinterest board for inspiration, or follow the twitter account for lots of FREE fonts, Photoshop tips and other useful information. Pretty Pixels was created by Alex Walker-Wilson (westminster university graduate) and this website showcases his portfolio of work along with design services, useful design tips and links.


Alex Walker-Wilson – Curriculum Vitae

Pretty Pixels | Brand Designer

October 08 – Present

I decided to pursue my dream of setting up a brand design and

website company. Doing so, taught me about the importance of

time management – keeping clients such as Google, Unilever, Mars,

Redbull, Nokia, Gourmet Burger Kitchen happy.


?WHATIF! Innovation | Designer

July 05-08

Whilst at ?WHATIF!, I worked alongside other creative designers and

innovators. We loved bouncing ideas off each to come up with great

ideas for new products and services for worldwide brands. This was a fun

company to work with. After two years I was given the responsibility of

managing a team of publishers.


PSC Photography | Digital & Internet Manager

March 03-05

I was in charge of managing all Internet production, DTP and corporate

materials for The Times Newspaper, T3 Magazine and Elle Magazine. I was

also responsible for building and managing the company website.


Emap ‘Bauer Media’ | Photoshop & Layout Designer

January 02-Beb 03

I was responsible for editing and manipulating photos for magazines such

as FHM, Elle, Red and Empire. I liaised with photographers, designers and

clients to create magazine layouts.


Renful Aviation| Multimedia Designer

July 01-02

Here I created Multimedia training software. This involved creating

multimedia simulations of the X-ray machines used at airports. I was also in

charge of maintaining three websites for 3 separate subsidiary companies. | Website Creator & Designer

I developed the website in which freelancers added their

details & portfolio. provided me with various design work over

the past years, such as creating multimedia presentations for

International civil engineering firm CarlBro IBI, which they used to support

their architectural bids. I also designed many restaurant menus, web sites

and large format exhibition banners for Red Apple PR agency.

I created dozens of website mock-ups using HTML and Photoshop for

Business Data International.

Graphic Designer London