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Pretty Pixelsgraphic design london – Site Relaunch (April 2019, v3.0) 

Due to me upgrading to a new service provider (hopefully a bit faster, and secure server), and making a mess of my existing files and database, thought it would be just as quick to create a new site from scratch (the site was well overdue an update also), I so built from the ground up and put in some nice cool features. Got some shiny new upgrades visually & navigation wise. I’ve also added this blog area, to help inspire users & other designers and post links to some cool and useful things I come across. If there’s any tips or features you’d like to see here, let me know ! Hope you like the new changes, and REALLY hope it works well on your device, it’s still in testing stage, so i
f you spot anything buggy, please let me know!

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